Politicians are influenced the most by people in their communities and their individual stories. That’s you. To do that, we recommend you take the following steps:

Step 1. Arrange a Meeting 

  1. Write a short, personal email to your MP requesting an urgent meeting to discuss how the government’s plan to apply a sin tax to medical cannabis will affect you and your family. Check out the sample email below. 
  2. Follow up by phone a few days later to speak to a staff member and book the meeting in January.
  3. …follow up again! (Sometimes it takes persistence to book these meetings. Keep trying. The most effective way to do this is over the phone)

Sample Meeting Request Email

Tip: You can find the email and phone number of your MP here. Be sure to contact the constituency office phone number.

Dear [MP]

My name is [NAME] and I live in [LOCAL COMMUNITY].

I would like to request a meeting to discuss how the government’s recommendation to tax medical cannabis will impact me and my family.

Please let me know your availability for a meeting in your constituency office. I will follow up with your staff by phone.

Thank you,


Step 2. Prepare and Meet Your MP

When meeting with your elected representative, your most valuable tool is your personal story.

Remember, Members of Parliament are elected to serve people in their constituency. MPs will regularly meet with constituents to discuss their personal experiences with government laws, policy and regulation. They will see you as constituent who they will want to serve and not simply a business interest. That’s a good thing.

When meeting with your MP, be confident and tell them about your personal experience. Tell them about being a medical cannabis patient, the associated costs and how that experience effects you and your family.  Explain in plain terms how the government’s plan to tax medical cannabis will negatively affect you and the people around you.

Finally, be firm but positive. With enough pressure for patients, they will re-consider.


  • Tell a personal story
  • Arrive early for your meeting but expect to wait
  • Bring contact information or some notes to leave behind
  • Ask how you can follow up

If you need any help to prep, feel free to contact us.

Step 3. Let us know how it goes.

Understanding how different MPs respond to meetings will help make our fight against the tax on medicine more effective. You can reach us here.

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