TORONTO – A majority of Canadians are opposed to taxing medical cannabis, a new Environics poll has found.

According to the poll conducted in January of 2018, Canadian public opinion on medical cannabis is largely favourable, with nearly eight in ten Canadians supporting cannabis use for medical purposes (78% somewhat or strongly support), and six in ten preferring to see medical cannabis treated like all other prescriptions, and not be subject to tax (62% somewhat or strongly support).

The poll was jointly commissioned by Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM), a national non-profit organization that represents medical cannabis patients, and   the Canadian Medical Cannabis Council (CMCC), an organization which represents stakeholders committed to advancing the highest standards of integrity and safety in Canada’s medical cannabis industry. It found that only two in ten support the government’s new taxation model as it is proposed.

“It’s quite clear that Canadians understand that taxing medical cannabis is unfair and wrong,” said Jonathan Zaid, Executive Director of Canadians for Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM).

“Taxes placed on medical cannabis create further financial barriers to treatment and discourage Canadians from accessing the legal and regulated system.”

To date, over 16,000 Canadians and a group of 12 non-profits have advocated for the elimination of tax on medical cannabis, though Finance Minister Morneau has not made any commitment to drop the proposal.

“The only fair decision the government can make is to treat medical cannabis like every other prescription and accordingly exempt it from tax,” said Zaid.

A total of 1,514 adults 18yrs+ from across Canada were interviewed using an online methodology during the period: January 5 – 7, 2018.

About Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana

Founded in 2014, Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM) is a federal non-profit, patient-run organization dedicated to protecting and improving the rights of medical cannabis patients. CFAMM’s goal is to enable patients to obtain fair and safe access to medical cannabis with a special focus on affordability, including private and public insurance coverage. For more information, visit

About the Canadian Medical Cannabis Council

The Canadian Medical Cannabis Council (CMCC) represents stakeholders who are committed to advancing the highest standards of integrity, safety, quality, access, security and research within Canada’s medical cannabis industry.

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